What is the Browning Method?

The Browning Method is a training method designed by Mary Ann Browning that utilizes cardio, strength training, and proper nutrition to change your body shape. It’s unique design and individualized approach make it possible to build muscle in places you don’t have muscle, and burn fat in places you do have fat. Learn more here.

Individualized Training

All our training sessions are one on one. Our elite trainers provide you with the individualized attention and precise focus needed to ensure you accomplish all your fitness goals. This is the optimal way to become the strongest, fittest, and best version of yourself possible.


We don’t believe in fad diets. The Browning Method employs daily healthy eating and proper choices, which are the key to fueling your body correctly. Let us guide you through an eating plan designed to fit into your everyday life as well as accomplish your goals.


This is the best way to burn calories and a vital part of the Browning Method. From casual runners to competitive runners, we’ve got a plan for you. Working with our elite trainers will make you a stronger and faster runner.

Changing your Body Shape

Is the most common fitness goal. It also happens to be one of the main objectives of the Browning Method. Our program design will ensure you accomplish the goals you are seeking.


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