Win-win. It’s something we all strive for. But, how do we make life a win-win for everybody, in every situation? Is it even possible?

We are all familiar with those ideal circumstances, where the situation benefits everybody. Take for example one of my clients. She wrote me something fabulous this weekend. She said, “My husband and I went away, we stayed at the Four Seasons, and the baby was with Grandma. Everyone was happy and it was a win-win for all.” Unfortunately, not all situations are like that.

Take something simple, like a race. You run a race, one person wins. Even if you come in second, someone beats you. But is it possible to look at that situation in a more positive light? Maybe you didn’t win, but you entered the race, that was your first achievement. Had you not entered at all, then maybe you could consider yourself a failure. But you entered the race, that is the first important step.

So, you entered the race, you tried your best, but you didn’t win first prize. Well, so what? Now you have the motivation to push yourself to perform even better next time. It will inspire you to go out and work even harder. I always say, having the ability to change the way you look at a situation, to change things around, so that you can see the positive even in a seemingly negative situation, is a very important trait.

Sometimes I see that those who are natural athletes, who win all the time, often don’t make the best long-term competitors. And they certainly don’t make the best coaches. And that is because it is learning to struggle, and how to push yourself to improve, that makes for long-term success.

The concept of a win-win situation can apply to all areas of our lives. Take your own relationships at home. Pick your battles. Decide is this something I really need to nag about, fight, argue, create drama? Maybe I can just let this one go. That way, when there is something really important to me, that can be the situation I take my battle to.

And even when you don’t win these personal battles, it doesn’t mean you failed. It could mean that perhaps it’s better that you let it go. For all intents and purposes, you have won because you keep the peace, your partner is happy, you are happy, life is better. Long-term, it can be a win-win for both of you.

At the start of a new year, instead of looking at everything in a negative light, let’s try to have a more positive attitude. When starting a new project or entering into a competition, don’t think, “Someone else if going to win, I’m not going to win. I’m going to lose.” Look at it instead as, personally what can I achieve?

Take, for example, our New Year Challenge. Maybe you weren’t winner, you didn’t lose the most weight or the most body fat. But had you not entered, you wouldn’t have made any positive changes at all. Winning doesn’t always mean coming in first or getting the prize. Winning could mean you made changes in your life. You lost some weight. You lost some body fat. You set yourself on the path of a healthy lifestyle. Just by entering the Challenge you gave yourself those opportunities.

With the help of a positive attitude, we can transform all aspects of our life into win-win situations.

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