What is Stress?

Why is it that we are so focused on ourselves and what we’re doing and whether or not everything is going exactly the way we imagined our lives to be, and all of us are so convinced that our lives are the most stressful and no one else could possibly be as stressed as we are?

I see all these people come in every day and all have such different lives and deal with such different issues and troubles. Who is to say what is the most stressful?

The woman who lived a great life, was very successful, she got up and went to work and everything was organized and coordinated by her staff and she was able to train when she wanted and nothing got in the way. Then she lost her job. Suddenly her days seemed choatic, meetings and interviews got in the way of training, she was suddenly worrying about how she would pay the bills and she felt like everything was spinning out of control.

The man who runs multiple different businesses and a who has responsibilities to so many people and runs around constantly to try and fit in the time to run and bike and swim and still make it home in time to see his wife and children.

The single mom with the two children that has to make ends meet and has to go out and get a job and come home and take care of the children by herself. Make them dinner, make sure they do their homework, get them into bed and be able to get herself into bed in time to get enough rest to have the energy to do it all again tomorrow.

And then there is the girl who has been training to run her first half marathon this last weekend. She was scared, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to finish, she didn’t know what to expect and her body was physically tired from the training.

Each of these things are stressful and each person will probably tell you that they are the most stressed, but who can really say without living in the others shoes? The fact that each of the people above make it through every day and get up the following day to do it again is amazing and they should all be empowered and proud of themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that in the stressful moments, but it’s important to stop and think about the choices you made to get here and the next step you’re going to take. Are you going to let these stressful points in your lives dictate how you live and whether you are happy? Or are you going to be grateful to be here at all and have the opportunity to deal with the stressful points and work through and come out on the other side a stronger person?