Vacation Eating… You Can Control It!

It was a holiday this weekend, many of us, including myself went out of town. Here’s the tough part, maintaining healthy eating while you’re away.

It starts with getting on the plane and having wine, and eating nuts and pretzels and biscuits. You get to the hotel and instead of getting up the next morning to exercise you decide to go to breakfast instead.  You might choose to eat scrambled eggs, toast with butter and bacon. Then you head to lay in the sun, eating again things you normally wouldn’t eat and having that afternoon cocktail, then go back to the room and take a nap. Later it’s out to dinner where not only will you drink alcohol like you have never seen it before, but you will make food choices like you have never seen food before.

When people go away on holiday their worlds seem to fall apart and they start making all sorts of choices they wouldn’t normally make.  Especially with food, and when you come back you feel worse.

So the cycle starts and isn’t it hard enough that you have been away, relaxed, and now you have to go back to work? Why would you want to come back feeling heavy and unhappy and with the extra pressure of losing the vacation weight.

So what you need to do is make the decision not to let your eating suffer while you are traveling.  Before your flight have a nice healthy lunch so that you aren’t tempted to eat the junk on the plane once you board and you won’t be starving and tempted to splurge. Then I want you to sleep in the next day, get up and go out and go for a run, then enjoy the day at the beach or wherever you are but have a nice healthy salad for lunch or something healthy that you enjoy eating.  It won’t be easy especially when your choices are only pretzels and hot dogs but truthfully the one thing I saw in the Brownings Fitness Challenge was that when we cut out all the carbs we may still put on weight because it’s the fatty foods that make you fat know matter how you cut it.

You are on holiday so enjoy yourself, get a massage, sleep late, and go out late.  But the bottom line is that you can’t skip breakfast, eat all bad meals, eat late, drink a lot, and have absolutely no exercise. All in all you have to figure out your priorities and see what you really want. So plan ahead, take foods with you like snacks on the plane, eat before you get on, and don’t go for hours without eating. Have fun, enjoy yourself, but know that rewards do not have to actually come from things that are unhealthy, self-destructive and that make you feel bad about yourself!