The Winter is the Summer

It’s interesting how in the summer we gravitate towards lighter foods like salads and fish, and in the winter it becomes pastas, bread, and heavy sauces. (Maybe because I’m from South Africa and my clock is different, so the winter here is really the summer) – But I’ve always found that when it’s cold, and the last thing I want to do is eat all of the starchy foods. I find it easier to eat a nice big lunch in the winter and then in the evening just have a whole lot of vegetables. Give it a shot. Change your mindset. Think – the winter is summer like I do; Imagine you’re in South Africa. All those starchy, creamy foods are not really comforting anyway, you just think they are. It’s all about the mind. So for the rest of this winter, think “I’m in the summer, my body wants healthy food and that’s what I’m going to give it.”

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