The Challenge

It’s the beginning of January which means it’s time to do our annual New Years challenge!
I did have a couple of similar challenges leading up to this through November and December; my goal was to help you get into the New Year not feeling like you’d already put on 10 lbs through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now at the start of the new year you have your biggest challenge yet; what a way to start the year motivated and strong! 
You’ve done this many times. I’m sure many times you’ve cheated… but truly, who are you cheating? Only yourself.
I know it’s difficult to give up the candy, trust me, I love it too! It’s tough for me to give up the bread and my tequila as well. But the point of these challenges are not to make my bum smaller, I do it because I want to feel healthier. Giving up the candy and the carbs and the alcohol may have the added bonus of helping you lose a few pounds, but the main goal is for you to go into the new year feeling healthy and strong. You can do it! Come into Brownings Fitness this week and sign up, I’m doing it too!

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