Summer Is On It’s Way

It’s hard to believe when one day it is a beautiful 60 degrees, and the next day it’s back to 40 degrees and windy, rainy and grey. It makes one think are we living in Finland, Norway, England? However, even in places like England right now the sun is shining. Extensive research has shown that productivity is much better when the sun shines, no matter how cold it is.

With the lack of sunshine and the inconsistent weather it is hard for people to feel motivated and to believe that summer is around the corner. The truth is, everything is controlled by the mind, and everything is contagious. What we are going to speak about today is, not about contagious as in catching a cold, we’ll talk about that in our next blog. What I want to talk about is summer.

Many people wake up, not now but maybe mid-way through May, when the weather is beautiful, sunny and warm, and they think summer is on the way! They start their training. They spend all of their summer training in order to get their ideal beach body. They work hard and finally achieve their results at the end of the summer, just in time for the winter. It’s never too late. Don’t procrastinate! Get started now, so you have time to enjoy the summer and show off all your hard work.

However, even more important than achieving the perfect summer body, is achieving the perfect summer attitude. No matter what happens for you this summer, you want to enjoy it. So what if your body is not perfect? What is really important is how we feel about ourselves. We want to have the same positive attitude about ourselves that we have when the sun shines. Even if we are five pounds overweight. Even if our hair is not perfect and our makeup is not perfect. If we smile and we feel great, then the world is a much better place. We attract other happy people. We are more productive. For those of you who are trying to find that special somebody, don’t go search in a bar. Walk down the street, take your eyes off your Blackberry, smile and make contact. It’s amazing how many people you can meet that way.

Once you have mastered the perfect summer attitude, the next step is your training. Right now, it’s the truth believe it or not, summer is on the way. Even if today is a little grey or windy or it doesn’t feel as warm as you want it to be, just believe that summer is around the corner. You are going to get yourself up out of bed and get yourself started in a healthy training program. You’re not going to over do it, because that way you’ll feel burnt out and you won’t want to continue. You’ve got over 7 weeks to go before summer arrives. That’s plenty of time. I’ve seen amazing results in just 15 days, you’ve got double that and then some, to start your summer training.

Start looking at your eating, what can you resist today? Let’s start with sugar. We all know that’s key. Take the sugar out. Watch your alcohol Monday through Friday. Cut back. Make small changes. Most importantly, get out there and change your attitude. Summer is coming, and this is the time to start getting yourself into shape. Let’s go be fit, be happy, be ourselves.

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