Why is it always after a holiday, I feel like I need a holiday?

The truth is most holidays aren’t really spent resting. Totally getting out of the routine and structure, over indulging in food, plus not enough exercise makes one feel totally out of sync.

Of course, as soon as we get home we get hysterical that everything is not the way it should be. We put so much pressure on ourselves to do everything just right. As a result, we eat even worse and exercise less.

Start now. Breathe. Use the part of your brain that says nothing is so important that we cannot take a break. Let me just do the best I can do, and I’ll certainly be the best if I get my exercise in.

Once that’s done, I will organize my eating and everything else will follow so easily.
Buy yourself a little notebook and write down the things you want to achieve. Cross them off when they done. Do whatever it takes. It is so satisfying!

Stop getting so caught up on the drama. It’s really not worth it. Think about the people with the hurricanes on the horizon. That will certainly make you stop.


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