Smiling Is Contagious–Pass It On!

You know what they say: germs are contagious. People catch colds, they spread germs. However, the word contagious does not only apply to negative things. Smiling is also contagious, as is being happy, and being productive.

Did you know that if you are happy in your work environment, when you get a cold, you actually don’t feel as sick? You are much more productive. You can get up and face your day and not be hindered by your symptoms. I’ve always wondered why when I get a cold I never feel ill, knock on wood. I’m always happy to be at work and I keep training.

The same goes with smiling. If I walk into a room with a smile on my face, it’s contagious. If my clients are down or blue or don’t feel like working, if I arrive and talk about how down or bad or blue I feel, it makes them feel even worse. Or if they did feel great, I bring them down. Instead, if I arrive for our session positive and energetic, they will leave feeling the same way.

Our moods are contagious. Think about how your mood affects the people around you. Not only in your work environment, but with your friends, with your children. With people you see in the street. When you smile, people smile back. When you are positive, other people are more positive around you. Isn’t that a wonderful thing that we are able to do? If we imagine that thread of happiness passing through the world, what a wonderful day it’s going to be!

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