Self Motivation

I have talked before about self motivation, and I completely understand why people have trainers. They’d much rather go for a cup of coffee, so they need a trainer to motivate them when they get there. Otherwise they’d indulge and do what they really want to do, which is nothing, instead of what they need to do, which is get their workout in. Of course if they really didn’t want to do it they wouldn’t have shown up, but the actual doing it requires the trainer to be there to push them. I’m always impressed when I meet somebody who can truly motivate themselves, come to the gym a little earlier, do their cardio prior to working with their trainer, or even better, come in on days they are not with their trainer and do their own workouts.

Self motivation is something that is hard to do, but is so important. We need to instill it into the younger generations so that they don’t always do their homework with a tutor or their work outs with a coach or only in team practice. For example if they are a tennis player they should be able to pick up their racquet all on their own, go find a wall and hit the ball against it by themselves, or go out and find a track and run by themselves.

Self motivation a is a rare gift, and for me it’s always really amazing when I find somebody who can actually do it. It was so fantastic when the New York City marathon was cancelled, and still there were people in the park on Sunday morning, hundreds of thousands of them out there all running their own marathon. They had trained that hard, tapered down, done the eating and there was no way they were not going to go out there and run that distance. I would have done the same!

I am inspired when one of my clients, a man who’s in his 50s, goes to the park on a cold, dreary, Saturday afternoon and runs his marathon all by himself without telling anybody and then comes back so proud to tell me he’s done it! And I never would have thought him the type to go out and do it on his own. He’d done a couple of triathlons in the past, I had been out biking with him. I can remember taking him for the first time across the George Washington bridge. He was a trooper, hung in there with me. You would think he’d been out there a hundred times but he hadn’t. He didn’t fall off his bike, didn’t kill anyone didn’t get killed and it’s not the easiest ride to do. So I guess I should have seen the signs in him. I was so proud!

When I see that gift in somebody it just really reminds me how lucky and blessed I am that I do have that self motivation in myself as well. And it makes me want to remind everybody out there, especially those with young children, if there’s one gift that you can give to them that is not something bought at Christmas time in the toy store, is that gift of self motivation. Instill that in them young, and for the rest of their lives wherever they are, whenever they want to feel good they are going to get out there and do it on their own.

If they want to be great at whatever it is they want to do, one of the things required is practice, practice, practice. They won’t always have a coach or tutor there with them, so they need to be able to, and want to get out and do it on their own.

So the gift of Christmas I give to all of you is to go out there, instill in yourself that power of your mind to motivate yourself to do those things that you might not want to do, and remember how good you’re going to feel when they’re done.