Running Programs – Set a Goal!

I’ve recently been training a father and daughter for an upcoming marathon. It’s really amazing to watch them go for this together, especially as neither of them have a base for this type of distance running. Even though they are training separately because of the age difference, they require different programs, it still brings them together in a common goal. 
It’s never to late to start a program like this, set a goal for yourself and you can learn and improve even if you’re just starting out with a shuffle. The most important thing is focusing on improving your running form and posture. This alone can have drastic effects on your running and can make significant improvements to your results.
Ask us about our running programs, with the beautiful weather it’s the perfect time to get started! We’ll work on drills to improve speed and form, follow a plan and be sure to have rest days in order to work harder on training days. 
You can start with a shorter distance goal, like a 5K race. Even if you’re just starting with walking in the park, we can get you there!

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