Pushing Through the Tough Moments

This month’s Brownings Fitness challenge was another tough one for me. It involved giving up all bread. Now, for me having a toasted English muffin or whole wheat bread with olive oil and salt at every one of my meals is one of my biggest pleasures. So to suddenly be deprived of this pleasure gives me an understanding of what my clients go through when they begin a nutrition program with me. Especially when I am asking them to give up things they love, however temporary the time period may be.

I realize there has to be a way that we can get through certain obstacles in our lives. It involves changing your way of thinking. You have to be aware of it and be conscious of it. I see that without having the carbohydrates I am craving more sugars, more alcohol, and more fat because like in everything else when you stop something abruptly and completely, you always want it even more. So we have to try and find ways to find pleasure in other foods and things that might actually be better for us any way.  Things such as eating brown rice and sweet potatoes.  But even though they all have carbohydrates I still don’t have the same feeling about them as I do about my bread.

What is the solution?  I try and think of it like a step by step program.  First you need to recognize what you’ve been doing and why, and then move on to the next step which is managing it. And try not to be too hard on yourself. Beating yourself up or being angry for not getting what you want isn’t going to change the situation.

Next, and very important, is taking pride in doing this challenge and being successful at it.  Knowing that this is a choice you’re making, and if you really really wanted you could stop any time, makes sticking it out and getting through it all the better in the end! If you can stick with it and pull through it you are going to be so proud of yourself. This doesn’t just have to be in exercise but can be in any area of your life.  Take the challenge, realize this is your choice, and go out there and give it your best shot and make it work for you.