I felt more pressure over the last few weeks to avoid drinking or 

indulging at the party or at dinner. The more pressure, the worse I ate and drank.

I had a conversion with a nutritional client as we biked together. 

She reflected how in two years since she met me the 10 pounds have stayed off.

Not the 15 as she originally wanted, but she can start the new year 

with losing that extra 5 pounds as her goal.

She noticed during this holiday season – as soon as a bag of goodies arrived,

she wrapped them up and sent them away after just a few tastes.

When she was out, she might indulge but nowhere near as badly as before.

She sees that this is a way of life and every year is progress.

She adds extra steps and even planned a biking holiday this Christmas

instead of sitting around in Palm Beach. 

Before she leaves next Tuesday, she has training or cardio scheduled every day. Remember: this is a way of life.

Book extra sessions or a boot camp if you’re staying in town.

Let us know….

Best wishes,


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