Positively Pink!

I’ve never been a fan of pink.  Pink always seemed too girly somehow, too demure for a woman who was training for triathlons. I much prefer a bold spectrum.  I live in a black and white world because I really don’t have time for mixing and matching shades. So imagine my surprise when this week, quite unexpectedly, pink entered my life in a very big way, and I have to think that maybe this is a sign that a new chapter is beginning in my life.

Here’s how it happened.  It all began with my divorce, which became official and final this week. I took myself down to the notary and signed the papers, and when I returned to my apartment, there were a hundred pink roses waiting for me from a good friend.  I was very touched, but thought hmm, that’s strange, because my friend had never sent me pink roses before.  White roses, yes, red roses, definitely, but pink?  Then, I noticed the candles on my bedside table that I’d asked my assistant to buy for me f.  They too, were a distinct shade of blush pink.  What was going on?

I was about to text my assistant and ask her what in the world she was thinking buying me pink, but instead, I ordered a glass of rose, took the candles into the bathroom, ran a  bath with a little oil, lit the candles, and put the flowers on the floor by the tub where I could see them.   I climbed into my hot bath and took a sip of my pink wine.  The room was filled with a rosy, gentle glow. As I sunk into the tub I realized that maybe I had been under estimating the power of pink in my life. Because this pink moment was fantastic.  Exactly what I needed after such a black and white day.

The next morning I got up early and re-entered my black and white world.  I went for a run, and then had a wonderful swim before starting my work day. But something was different. I was more relaxed, more full of energy and no less powerful, but calmer somehow. It was the pink that was working it’s magic on me. I had made some room in my black and white world to be gentle to myself, and it really made a difference.  Pink wasn’t too girly or shy or wimpy after all.  Pink was about positivity, and peace of mind, thoughtful friends, and new beginnings. Pink meant taking the time I needed during a difficult period of transition to be kind to myself, and rejuvenate my body and soul in a bubble bath, before getting up and running the next marathon that life would surely bring along soon enough.