I am sorry to say, but in order to have pleasure you need to make the effort.
If you want to drink that extra drink, have a cookie, loose weight, find the time for the massage, or buy the watch you want but don’t need.
It all requires effort.
Making time in your day to exercise, even if it means you walk to work and do the steps.
Rise early and get to work earlier, so you can leave and get the extra workout in, or the massage.
Or, working on the weekends, especially if you earn by the hour, so you can save for that purchase you want.
But, you can make it pleasurable.
Especially, if you want to lose weight or get more fit.
Instead of collapsing on the sofa after work, invite someone you know, who needs to move, for a walk in the park.
A Citi Bike ride. Or a duet session.
No matter how tired you are, you will feel better.
Try it.

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