Overcoming Your Fears

Is it because we are motivated that we overcome fear and become courageous? Or is it because we are fearful that we have no choice but to find the courage to get motivated? I would hope it is because we are motivated that we overcome our fears and acquire the courage to go out and do anything. That includes any kind of challenges that we face each day. Perhaps it’s a personal challenge like taking on a new job or a new challenge like making a TV appearance. It could even be as simple as the challenge of going out to meet new people, making an effort with our appearance or working harder at your job. This weekend, one of my staff members demonstrated her extreme motivation. I asked her to play golf and swim with me, both of which she had done before, but probably not as often, or under the same circumstances. I know that she is very motivated to be a great trainer and wants to be able to try everything. I see a lot of myself in her as I am the same way. Even though we have doubts, we try to block out any thoughts of failure. Those who think too much are unhappy and never do the things that they are fearful of.

Last weekend, I asked her to come to the driving range with me after she mentioned that her father had played golf. I’m so motivated to be a great golfer that anything will get me there but it was wonderful to take someone with me so that I could encourage them as well. Without spending too much time thinking about it, or perhaps feeling any fear, she immediately said “yes,” and came along with me. So we went to the driving range, and even though she seemed to forget some basics like I often do, she actually had a great golf swing and kept trying her best. A few days later, I asked her to come swimming with me. Originally, we were just planning on going to the pool so that I could watch her stroke. However, my time was pressed and I knew the best thing for us to do would be to go to the ocean and she would either sink or swim. The situation was understandably something to be a bit fearful of. She had to put herself into a wetsuit that wasn’t even her size. Not only does that feel claustrophobic but being in the cold water already elevates your heart rate and then we had to actually swim. I have done these kind of things on many occasions before because I did not want to show that I was fearful and I did not want to fail. I have always been motivated to do anything that will challenge my clients and bring them success. Even if that means overcoming my own fears, then I will do it. So, we squashed her into my wet suit and jumped into the chilly water at high tide. It was no surprise to me that she persevered and managed to swim ten minutes in one direction and ten minutes back, about a mile total. Being a great swimmer in a pool is one thing, but having to swim in the ocean can be much more difficult. Her ability to take on the challenge without giving into any fear is a great example of motivation.

I hope that tomorrow when you start your day and think about all of the things that need to get done, you don’t give into any fear that may be keeping you from finding motivation to do them. Whether it be giving up something or making an effort to do that run in the park you’ve been promising to do but have been a little fearful of. Try not to think so much about it. Have a goal and find the courage that we all have within us to overcome your fears, get out there and do it. How hard is it really to do that run? How hard is it to give up that little bit of alcohol? Think about all of the people that have no choice to give certain things up due to disease, injuries, or problems in their personal life, and use that as your motivation. Whatever it takes to motivate you and get over those fears. We can look at the glass half empty or half full. So this week, don’t think too much. Just do it.