Other people do it..

Today, I had to get up to work in the city, then drive to the Hamptons to work just to turn around and come right back. I can’t exactly say I was excited about the idea. I got to work and was speaking to one of my trainers about their schedule. They told me they could still do a 5:30 AM shift, but they would just need to arrive at the gym by 3:00am

It made me rethink my day and really, how bad was it?

I got to the Hamptons early. I got a little sun time and a little workout time. I got to train three new clients who were all amazing.

Then, before I headed back to the city I stopped and played nine holes. Now, as I write this, the sunlight is still out. There was no traffic on my drive home. I did not have to get to work at 3:00am and I’ll be home by 9:00pm. The truth is other people have worse days than ours.

We can choose to look at our days as bad or we can look at it positively and think about all of those who don’t get to have the days we have.

Get up a little earlier and get your workout in. Then, you still have a wonderful day ahead of you.


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