New Year, New You!

There is something about the number 2015 – so solid – it makes me feel that this is going to be THE year. Hopefully you feel the same way, that this is the year for you as well. A year where you can make big changes in your life.
Set goals for yourself, but be realistic. The mistake a lot of people make is looking at everything short term. We keep looking at the wedding, the party, the dress we need to fit into in two weeks, as opposed to thinking about how this whole year can we be the healthiest we’ve ever had. This year we will be stronger than we’ve ever been, fitter than we’ve ever been and yes, happier than we’ve ever been!
A good reason to start your year healthy is not just for the number on the scale or to fit into the dress – but for your goals for future.
Have you ever taken the time to think about what it’s going to be like when you’re 60? And 70? Perhaps you have high cholesterol, blood pressure, are injured, stiff or seriously overweight. But on top of that, what about all the mental stress?
It’s bad enough we have to worry about the bills that we have to pay, keeping our partner happy, taking care of our children – all the other problems in day to day life, but then to be worrying about what you’re eating all the time as well!
You can look at your life and say, “Well, you know…so what? It’s short. I might as well live it to the fullest and do all the crazy, unhealthy things that make it shorter.”
But on the other side, you could say, “Well, you know what? Life is short. And so at least let me live it feeling good, strong and healthy.”
So take this year to be your year! A year where your focus is going to be a stronger, fitter, healthier and yes, happier you.
If it’s medication you’ve been on, get off it. If it’s the bottle that you’ve been going to, the Coke can, the alcohol, the pack of the candy – get off these crutches!
Instead of focusing on, “I have to give it all up!”, just say, “Why don’t I give up those unnecessary things.”
Make goals for yourself this year, know that you can do this and change your life.

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