Mix It Up

Mix it up. Mix it up. I really do believe that. I just spoke with a friend yesterday and she was reminding me how after all these years of training with me, even though she’s trying all of the classes and doing all of the different things since she’s had to move back downtown – she sticks to the basics of the Browning Menthod. She gets her runs in and her good lifting. But yes, in between she mixes it up! She tries to do different types of work outs. And I really do encourage that. I think it’s very important and I see it with my own body. To keep the muscle, to keep the cardio up. But even then, you have to shake it up. Change your trainers around, do extra cardio at the beginning, do extra cardio at the end, maybe come and do a pilates workout! But do some biking first and then do it. Do a yoga duet with a friend. Go running. Go to different classes. Whatever it is, but make sure you mix up your workouts and definitely keep that muscle and cardio Browning Method workout – and your body will change.

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