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MaryAnn Browning

Founder and President of Browning’s Fitness, is one of the most sought after trainers in New York City. Celebrities, socialites and moguls alike, train with MaryAnn because she produces results that last a lifetime without sacrificing quality of life.

MaryAnn’s clients include: Vera Wang, Candace Bergen, Tommy Mottola, Jonathan Tisch, David Steinberg, Lauren Santo Domingo, Rachel Nichols, Samantha Boardman, Stavros Niarchos, Adam Lindemann, Gregg Hymowitz, Alina Cho, Lyor Cohen, Tico Mugrabi, Marjorie Gubelmann, Aby Rosen and David Hamamoto.

MaryAnn has been featured in Allure, Elle, Vogue, Self, Fitness Magazine, Town and Country, Hamptons Magazine, More, Glam, Page Daily, Daily Candy, Glam.com, Fitist, Plum Magazine and Plum TV, and The New York Times. MaryAnn is a regular contributing editor for Page DailyGlam.com, and is one of the distinguished Board of Experts for Fitist.

MaryAnn is a certified trainer in MESC, NASM, AFTA, Pilates, Spinning, Swimming and Running Coach, Sports and Nutrition, and Yoga. MaryAnn has competed in the Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon as well as 37 marathons worldwide, and six Iron Man competitions. Mary Ann holds a degree in Sports and Nutrition.

Prior to becoming a personal trainer, MaryAnn was a prima ballerina with the Johannesburg Ballet Company in South Africa, as well as the Munich Ballet Company. MaryAnn attended the Royal Academy Ballet School in London, and was awarded the Margot Fonteyn Award for the Dancer Most Likely to Succeed.

MaryAnn was named South Africa’s most successful personal trainer, and worked in New York as a Specialist Trainer to the Stars until 2005 when she opened her first Browning’s Fitness Center.

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Bank Account

As I am not a real mother, though I at least I feel I am to some, I don’t get caught up in the Mother’s Day events. What I do know is that it doesn’t seem to be a day that mothers are really deciding how they spend it. Of course, people mean well, but as someone who struggles to say no or yes to what I really want, I find some mothers can actually be more stressed by the day. We all lead busy lives, but I hope we all learn (myself included) to say what we really want. Either way, any day can and should be Mother’s Day. So, take a day and do as you want, do what makes you happy. Perhaps, get in a extra workout, followed by a stretch and then a soothing massage. Take care of your body to take care of your mind. Ask us about the specials we are offering, to make your day all about you. Best,...

Black or White

Tonight, I had a text conversation with one of my nutritional clients. It revolved around the fact that she had eaten something that made her feel bad. At the time I told her she had done great. I said to let it go and move on. Go home, set the table, and make dinner perfect. Don’t even think about what was that made her feel bad. Later that night, we texted again and she told me how she was a mess. It’s not the word she used, but she said she had no grey area. I explained to her that grey was boring and that black or white was much more fun. However, the goal is when you do white instead of black, you can just let it go and move on. In life, we will always make mistakes. It’s the way the world works. Being strict and having goals is what you want. It’s what makes one successful, so really try not to be grey. PS: I only wear black or white. But when you are the one that makes you feel bad and not good, that’s when it’s important to know you have to let it go and move on. Book a black or white session, and if it was grey day, then just let it go. Best Wishes,...

Flowers and Gardeners

I suggested to a client that in life we must be flowers and gardeners. She thought I had said “or.” She chose to be the flower and yet felt like she was always been sholved around. She lost her strength. I reminded her that I had said we do both at different times and occasions. No matter what, we don’t need to lose our strength. Just because you feel weak does not mean you are. Have mental strength and keep the physical strength. When you are away for spring break, play both roles but be strong when making choices to workout. Sleep in, be healthy, and have fun. You can do it all! Just know that you are always strong. Best,...