Listening To Your Body and Over Training

I’m a big believer in training hard, pushing yourself, and motivating yourself. When you don’t want to do it I tell my trainers that is why your clients come to you. What they really want to do is go have a cup of coffee and it is up to the trainer to push them and equally important for you to push yourself.  There are days though when you have to take a step back and say it’s ok today if I take a time out because I don’t have time to get a workout in and all signs are pointing towards you having a rest day.

Here is a scenario that many people face: The alarm clock wakes you up, you don’t get up naturally, your schedule is booked back to back, you have to figure out where am I going to go and train, and all of those processes are absolutely exhausting. You think about how badly you ate the night before and that you really need to go and exercise and this is when you take a step back and take a look at your week realistically and say maybe I have been training hard. This was the case I had this week. I was ready to push myself with two hard runs with my meniscus tear back to back and was going crazy with eating a lot of sugar. I realized I was eating all of the sugar because my body was tired and over trained. I thought maybe if I take a time out today I might not only eat better tonight but tomorrow I will have more energy to come out and put in a hard work out. If you take the time out today not only will your body eat better it will eat better the next day but you will have energy to do a proper hard workout as opposed to just another day of junk training.

I often see people in the summer go to the gym and they sit there and pedal on the bike and I watch them in my own environment not really working, not doing interval work, and not getting their heart rate up. Their legs and muscles are absolutely exhausted. So on days like that it’s time to get a massage, get a stretch, maybe do some yoga, or say to yourself that you are going to have a complete rest day and will get up extra early tomorrow morning, eat healthy, and get out there and do a proper workout.

So instead of doing endless amounts of junk training, look at yourself and say I have to go out there and really push it. The other thing that I see is people at the gym absolutely exhausted, they are tired, so instead of dragging them through 58 minutes of a half hearted workout I take them out and push them really hard. I then tell them it would be better if they did a hard 25 minutes that’s effective as opposed to an hour where they are really not doing anything. This applies to those of you that go to the gym on your own and do your cardio. You need to take time and say I only have 30 minutes and work really hard as opposed to going for an hour and a half and burning the same amount of calories. You have then exhausted your body by doing a whole bunch of junk training. So either take a rest day or work out really hard to justify it!