Lights, Camera, Action!

Tomorrow I’m filming a pilot for a new reality show.  I know, I know! Lots of people have been telling me don’t do a reality show, but this is a reality show with a difference. This project is about helping women to start their lives over after divorce, and I guess I know a thing or two about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, being grateful for the good things in your life and going out there and making a fresh start. So I think I can really contribute some important insight on this subject which so many women experience, and so few of us talk about.

Keeping a marriage together isn’t easy.  Being in a marriage isn’t easy either. But if I have learned one thing about marriage and divorce, it’s that it’s not about blame. I have trained enough men facing the same situation to know that there are two sides to every situation. So I’m hoping to help my fellow cast to take responsibility for themselves, to embrace their decision, whatever it is, and do what they need to do to get their personal Ferrari back in perfect running order, and get out there a make a new life for themselves.  It isn’t easy, but it’s worth every minute. I’ll let you all know how the shooting goes tomorrow!