Learning Your Limits

I’ve just returned from holiday in Miami, which is one of my favorite places to go, especially at this time of year, when Manhattan is getting a little blustery and I find myself missing the warmth. Miami is a great place  to exercise, to meet new people, and just relax in the sunshine. For those of us who are healthy, happy, fulfilled, and want a get-away that’s built around exercise and good clean fun, Miami is definitely the place.  Miami, however, is also a place where you are surrounded with thousands of fabulous high end stores, fantastic restaurants, rich food, and flowing cocktails, and parties, parties, parties that go on all night like. When you’re in an environment like this, it can be very easy to slide into a spiral of over indulgence and negative behaviors without even giving it a second thought!

This is why I stress to all my clients that it’s  important to have an incentive to get up in the morning and the will power to continue to pursue your life goals, even when you’re on vacation. Whether it’s a morning run, or a 5k race, or just being grateful for the opportunity to take a December swim in the warm morning sunshine in such a beautiful place, you need to find a reason to get up and out. When you have the incentive to get up in the morning, it makes it easier to find the will power you need to limit your indulgence at night.

I know how easy it is, after a night of partying, to just stay in bed and sleep the day away until the hangover recedes, and then get up and start the whole cycle over again at happy hour, especially when you’re on vacation. This is why I always make it a point to get myself up and out, no matter how tired I might be feeling. Knowing that I will be getting up in the morning no matter what, makes it much easier to have the will power to stop drinking, to make that switch over to water, and leave the party early enough to get enough rest. If you know your limits, you can enjoy the parties, but know when it’s time to call it a night, so you can  wake up feeling rested and refreshed and grateful  for the beauty that surrounds you everywhere in magical Miami.