Leading by Example

I went running with a client last weekend in Miami. It was a beautiful day on the boardwalk and I knew it would be the perfect place to take her out for a nice easy run. We decided we were going to run to block 48. At 44 she said she was tired and didn’t want to run any more. I gave her some words of encouragement, told her not to give up, and in my head figured she’d walk/run a bit further at least. She made it all the way to the two mile mark! Once we hit two miles she said again that she wanted to stop, but I already knew from the first time that she had it in her, so I said no, we can walk a little and then keep running. That’s when she spotted her husband and daughter out running together on the boardwalk. I think she was so happy to see them out being active together that it motivated her without her even knowing it. She ran the next two miles at a nice 10 minute pace and did not stop once!

It’s so great to be a positive role model for your children by being out, running races and just showing them a healthy lifestyle. This is what I told my client on the boardwalk when she wanted to stop. Keep going today and you will motivate your daughter to continue on her own path of health and wellness. It’s amazing how your actions effect your children in all areas of life. I have another client who I’ve been training for a long time. Years ago when his son was just a little boy, my client and I would go out running and the boy would bring his little bike and ride along next to us. Now a teenager he is a fantastic athlete in school. He is active and fit because growing up that is how he saw his father. No matter how many hours his father spent in the boardroom he always made time to keep himself healthy. You can’t expect your children to be healthy if you’re not leading by example.