It’s All in the Deliverance

Recently, I have been thinking about the importance of deliverance. I have spent the past couple of weeks thinking that I’ve made five steps forward in my life in certain areas only to discover that there are sometimes three steps back. Instead of being hard on myself, I realize that it’s a work in progress and at least I’m moving forward. A current work in progress of mine is learning how to be the best boss that I can be. I’ve always been the kind of boss that says things more like a dictator instead of a leader. I tend to think that just because I do something a certain way, my trainers and staff should do everything the same way. I am learning that it’s okay if my staff cannot do things that way that I would do them. Everybody is different and I have to accept everybody unconditionally. I must accept, without a grudge, when my trainers don’t say yes to the 5am session when I ask them. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good trainer, aren’t dedicated or don’t love their job. It just means that they are different from me. I’m not perfect, so who am I to say they need to be like me anyway. However, my trainers will often perceive my reaction to them turning down more sessions as angry or disappointed.

This also pertains to my communications with my front desk staff. For example, today there was a scheduling mishap that had me absolutely exasperated with my front desk staff. After I discovered the mistake, I was being very short tempered and cold in my answers, continually double checking that my staff was doing everything correctly. In my mind, I was right and they were wrong. I knew that I was walking a very fine line and that my staff member was a little sensitive to the way that I was handling things. So, even though I didn’t really feel like it, I called my staff back after leaving the gym to have a calm conversation about everything that they were doing and how they were handling their job. I often say, “If you can’t bake it, fake it.” In this case, I was certainly faking it. However, the best part I can see that came out of this is that I realized that I genuinely believe that they were doing a great job and my way is not always the right way when it comes to certain aspects of the business. By faking my deliverance, I began to realize that I’m not always right. I say many things all at once and expect everybody to do and say just what I would say. Sometimes I try to put myself in their position and realize that I may actually be making them feel far too overwhelmed. As a result, their perception of me and what I think of them changes and they start making mistakes.

After a very good conversation, that began with my faking being calm and collected, we came to the conclusion that I need to trust them more so that they don’t continue to doubt themselves and make mistakes. Now, I genuinely believe this to be true and I am continually working on it. So, the next time you are having a day like this when you just can’t control your reactions and you feel that you are right and others are wrong, remember, its all in the deliverance. I suggest that you fake it a little and just try to believe what you are faking. At some point, you might realize that what you are saying actually makes sense. You might realize that you are not perfect and perhaps the way you handle certain things is not always the right way.