How to Break Out of Jail

You are stuck.
That work situation, your personal life, you’re taking care of a relative,
your eating pattern, or yes – your workout.
It’s hard to break out of jail and stay out.
You better forget that idea, you will get caught and go straight back in.

Trying to make changes in a negative way never works for long term happiness.
For your exercise and nutritional changes we treat it as if we signed up for AA.
We admit it (yes that’s the first step!) then sort of try…but honestly if you had a serious health issue you would either avoid it or commit and that’s ok.

If you don’t really want to break out – make a change that’s long term and
will get results…then just stay as you are. Don’t waste that energy being negative.
Embrace your life in jail. You got yourself into this, so no self-pity!

If you want out, then call me.
Make an appointment to change.
Say you’re responding to this.
You really want out? Call or email.
Best wishes,

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