Having Your Cake Without Eating it Too


It was a short, busy week with everyone putting in extra hours at Browning’s Fitness to make room for all of that Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie on Thursday. Now, not that I begrudge anybody some indulgence calories around the holidays, but as I imagined everybody slipping into the inevitable Thanksgiving calorie coma on the couch after dinner, I began to wonder why we always reward ourselves with behaviors that ultimately make us feel worse, instead of reach out for “treats” that make us feel better.

One of the truths I’ve discovered about keeping an ideal body shape for life, is that it’s important to find ways to treat myself, or celebrate life, or comfort myself after a busy week, that are good for me. Rewards don’t have to come in the form of a big slice of chocolate cake, or a bag of potato chips, or that third  glass of wine. You can also treat  yourself to a good night’s sleep, or a sunset run in the park.  Being good to yourself, treating yourself with love and gentle care, is the best reward of all.

So the next time that you’re reaching for that double slice of of chocolate cake after a job well done, ask yourself, am I really being good to myself by eating this?  And how am I going to feel once I eat it?  Will I really feel better, or will I feel worse?  Am I really rewarding myself with chocolate cake, or am I, in fact, punishing myself? Then have your cake, without eating it too by reaching out for a treat that will make you feel better about yourself in the morning.