Give Everyone a Chance

A few months ago I had knee surgery. Typical of me, I decided I would rehab myself and be able to fix it. Because I was strong I could start working out only a few days after. I really convinced the surgeon that he should give me the clearance because I was feeling perfectly fine. I really can’t blame him that my recovery hasn’t been as quick as I’d like it to be. Even though yes, I am able to run and bike it is not pain-free. So, as life has it, I had to go backwards and start physical therapy. Lucky for me I met a great physical therapist, and I have to be honest, I don’t often say physical therapists are great, but I actually met one who was! Like me, he is top of his field and therefore not always available, so they gave me somebody else who works in their business. I wanted to say no way! In fact, I think the first session I did say no way! But then I thought about it. I tell my clients, “my trainers train under me, they know what they’re doing, they’re great.” And actually the truth is, they really are great. So, I took myself off to the physical therapist named Janelle and worked with her. To my amazement when I asked her to come to see me where I was she said yes! She totally accommodated me. Not only once, but twice. The second time was on a Friday afternoon, lots of snow, she lives downtown in Tribeca, her office is on 61st, I live up on 78th, and she came all the way up work with me. That in itself really speaks volumes about her and her professionalism. What was also so interesting to me was that she proceeded to tell me she had only been in the city two months, but she had religiously been reading my blog and was trying to find out all about me. What I loved so much was, not only had she been doing that, but her feedback as to how positive and inspirational she felt the blog was. She said it made her feel good and motivated her to make good choices.

So, when you meet people in your life, just because they don’t happen to be the most expensive or the best looking or the richest or the smartest or what you would consider the top of the field, it doesn’t mean that these people are not actually really amazing. And if you don’t give them a chance, who’s going to?

I know it’s hard not to judge people based on your own standards, but look at them and remember how hard you’ve had to work to achieve what you have. And if people hadn’t given you a chance, you wouldn’t be where you are today. I am truly grateful for that.

Writing this blog has reminded me that it is now March thirteenth, and we are going into spring. I have made some progress this year, but I have realized that unfortunately, I still have a lot of work to do in improving myself and my issues I feel that I have that need to be addressed. So with that said, I am going to surround myself with people and remind myself that I am not perfect. And I am going to continue to work and be positive and grateful for all I have, because that is the only way I am not going to be negative about life or myself or how I feel, and my world and my years will continue to get better as I get older. The theme of today is yes, I have said it before, be grateful. Don’t take anything you have for granted.