Get Up in the Morning and Go!

We all know it’s a slippery slope on these cold winter mornings. You go to bed with every intention of going to the gym in the morning, but then you wake up, it’s dark outside, your bed is nice and warm and you think, I’ll just go later this afternoon. But then of course the afternoon comes around, you leave the office at 5 PM and it’s dark out and it feels like it’s 8 PM, and you think, oh it’s late and I’m tired and I’ll just go tomorrow. The moral of the story is get up in the morning and go to the gym! Set your alarm, put your things out, have your coffee pre made so you’re ready to go. The day will feel so much nicer. And if you feel like getting an extra workout in, (which means you will burn extra calories and boost your metabolism at night ) – you can go again!


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