Finding Motivation in Unexpected Places

I have spent the majority of my time as a personal trainer working with adults. Occasionally I have the opportunity to work with young adults, from late teens to early twenties, and honestly, it can be difficult! I feel like it’s hard to understand the personalities of people who are going through such transitional times in their lives and often don’t know or are just starting to understand who they are themselves. I observe that exercise is always a little haywire for people at this stage of their lives. They are often trying to be cool, are just getting into college and are still growing and discovering themselves.

Recently I have had the luxury of working with a family from Dubai that have seven children! I spend about five hours a day with the husband and wife and we bike, run, swim, do indoor training, TRX etc. I really feel lucky to be able to work with this family. They get so excited to train, and would work all day with me if I had the time.

So yesterday the parents and I are getting ready to go out for a biking session and the two little ones, about 12 years old, came up and said they wanted to join us. To my amazement they hopped on their bikes and they set their gears and when they didn’t know what to do they asked and they did absolutely great! The wife and I went for a run after and the children wanted to come along and they had a pace that I struggled to stay with. When we finished running and were going to go for the wife’s swimming lesson and the kids joined and not only could the daughter swim with amazing technique but the changes I gave to her she picked up on very quickly. She could do free style, breaststroke, butterfly, and did it all wonderfully. What was also interesting was that the little boy had always been given the opportunity to get a head start because no one felt he would be good enough to keep up. I wouldn’t allow that and said he just had to try his best and that is what he did! He kept trying and got through it and never gave up.

It really showed me that if you have children that are self motivators and don’t have an instructor showing up for them they will get up and do things themselves.

As the person people turn to for motivation, I see how easy it is for people to only work out and push themselves when somebody shows up to do it with you. You need to use these children as an example. Get up and do something on your own.  Whether it be go to a movie, read a book, go for a run, cycle, swim or whatever it is make yourself a rule that once a week you are going to take yourself and motivate yourself and take yourself to the edge.  Tell yourself that it doesn’t matter how I do as long as I do my best and trust myself that is all that counts.