Exercising While Pregnant

This week I have decided I am going to talk about being pregnant and no I am not pregnant.

Being pregnant is something that comes into many woman’s  lives and how each person goes about it is an individual thing. I think how we decide go into it is very much a mental thing. Some people think that being pregnant is a time that they should eat a lot more and not exercise. They think that this is being good to themselves, but really it s not taking care of themselves. Being pregnant is not a time to let yourself go. This is not just a disregard for your own health but your baby’s as well.

For example, two people in my life that I am very close with are currently pregnant. One is my head trainer Rhoda who is 6 months pregnant and she has proceeded to live her life as usual. She gets up at 5am and takes the train to work everyday.  She is often here from 8am to 8pm, working as a trainer, on her feet and then she takes the train home. She also runs with her clients anywhere from 3 to 8 miles a day.  I know that Rhoda was worried for a little while about all the exertion but her energy is continuously amazing. She ran a 5k with her husband in her third trimester.

The other person is my dearest child Devon who was one of my very first clients and in the perfect way that Devon is perfect she planned the perfect pregnancy.  Beautiful legs, beautiful bum, full of energy, occasionally tired but what is so amazing is in our sessions we train like she isn’t pregnant and just keep track of her heart rate. We are out there running 6.5 on the treadmill, she is doing plyo work, and lifting heavy weights. There are some things we don’t do because it’s uncomfortable like rotational work, or sit ups, and if something feels to heavy we change it.  She swims, she does pilates, she goes to work. She is a living example of how we can use our minds to decide if we are going to get fat and put on 60 pounds or we are going to put on the correct amount and we are going to feed ourselves healthy food She understands that by doing so her child will comes out with healthy start to life. She too now is in her third trimester and feels frustrated she does not have as much energy but when I remind her she has two people to breath for, she smiles.

Both Rhoda and Devon don’t want their children to spend the rest of their lives fighting the fat cells, the low energy, the bad hair, the acne, and the brain sluggishness so they are taking action from very beginning.

I thought that this could remind us all that so much that we do in life is mental and you can decide to be a certain way or not. The mind is strong. You can do it if you decide, of course making the smart choices and following the healthy path.