Don’t Give Up

I often talk about determination, drive and the power of the mind and today I would like to continue the theme and talk about not giving up.

When things get really difficult it often can feel like it’s physically impossible for you to move forward, but the power of your mind is an amazing thing and if channeled properly can allow you to continue to bring yourself up and face any challenges head on. As I was watching the golf channel, I saw the story of a young, up and coming golfer who came from a simple family with very little financial support. Although he had fewer opportunities, he practiced and practiced because he loved what he was doing. However, everything changed when he had an accident and was told that he had lost the use of both of his legs. What is amazing is that even with this severe disability, and being told he would never golf again, he proceeded to fight back and within months he was walking again and eventually able to continue playing the sport he loved. He is an incredible example of someone who had something working against him and yet still continued to fight back.

Another example I think of not giving up is a gentleman from my own business. He is an older gentleman who came to me healthy and fit but out of nowhere, he had a stroke. We were all worried he might not be able to come back but he fought and has managed to get himself walking to the gym for his sessions. He has been focusing on regaining strength in the left side of his body, specifically working on the movement in his left hand. He can move his right hand just fine and his mind knows that he wants to move his left hand, but it’s difficult to physically do it. This is where I believe the power of the mind comes in. He has been so focused and by persevering, his trainer, Rhoda, let me know that he has actually managed to start finding more movement in his left side by concentrating and focusing his mind and not giving up. This is a wonderful example of the kind of positive motivation that I think we all should have within ourselves.

A lot of us have so much going for us including our happiness and wealth yet we have no determination to eat well and exercise. When you want to give up because you have gone out, eaten badly, binged, drank two martinis or let your goals fall apart, why don’t you think about those people who have more severe things against them. If they can fight against those things, then we have no excuse. It’s time to look at your life, stop feeling sorry for yourself and just give it your best shot.