Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Over the years nutritional consultations have become one of the more popular services that I offer to clients. How you eat is an extemely important part of reaching your fitness goals. One the the things I’ve always said to people is, ‘those who are the most successful when working with me are the ones that abuse me.’ What I mean by this is that they take advantage of all I have to offer. They really do send me their food and exercise reports every day. They check in constantly. Whether it be training for a marathon, trying to get themselves to eat healthy, or even just simply getting themselves up and going on a day to day basis and be more productive in their day. Being able to check in with someone allows you to look at what you are doing and ask for help when you need it. Dont be afraid to get someone to help you especially with things like exercise, training and keeping up with your BrowningMETHOD workouts. Ask your friend to come with you as you go for a run in the park. Having someone with you pushes you to work harder. Ask someone to guide you and help you with your eating. You could ask them to check in with what you eat each day, and keep a log. This way you will be much more accountable and we’re all less likely to cheat if we know someone is watching!

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