I am working with a client who is definitely extreme. We decided that he would try and 5-2 way of eating. So for five days, eat and drink as he does and for two days he will fast.

The jury is out on how long this will last and how extreme he will actually be on the 5 days.

I thought I would try the fasting for a day. I tried it three times. 

On day one, I ate way more in that day than I normally do in two.

Next attempt, I was good until dinner, then I overate again.

Last attempt, I asked myself, “Why am I doing this?”

I know if I say I can have one drink a day, I never end up binging.

The minute I say that I cannot drink at all, I think about alcohol all the time. 

Luckily the empty calories and the feeling the next day stops me from overdoing it.

So, maybe it’s time you re-approached your thinking to your life.

Just like my dear client, she arrived feeling frumpy from he country. She was going out to buy a dress for a dinner. 

I helped her select a black dress; hot and sexy with class.

No, I don’t do black dresses in the summer, but I convinced her and she felt amazing. Her husband agrees. 

Don’t say “I don’t”. Find a better thought to manage you.

So call us, and try a different trainer who’s available for our summer special. 

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