Countdown to Memorial Day

It’s beginning to get warmer now and now is the time to get into summer shape.  
There is no excuse or reason to wait until summer; you have time now to get the body you want by then.
Instead of spending the summer trying to get there, do it before.
1500 steps a day is average for a 1 hour workout.  You need 10,000 steps/5 miles to make a change in your body.
So start simple – walk your child to school instead of a taxi or train, jog while your child is scooting/skating to school.
Then you have no excuse not to run back after your drop off.
This extra exercise is the best way to start the day and sets a great example for your children.
Throughout the day – walk the stairs, a walk after dinner with your kids – instead of watching TV.
All these things add up.  

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