Choose To Be Happy

Why is it that we continually beat ourselves up? I have a few clients who, instead of always looking at the positive things that they’ve achieved,  focus only on the negative. For example, instead of being proud of themselves for showing up at the gym, even if it’s occasionally, trying to make an effort with their eating, or skipping out on that second alcoholic beverage one evening, they concentrate more on the things that they aren’t doing as well or enough. It amazes me the amount of energy we waste on negative thinking. My clients often come to me with negative comments such as, “Why is my bum so fat? Why am I not fitter? Why am I not more motivated?” I try to explain to them that, if you think only of these negative things, you are never going to find the motivation to make the changes that you want or the ability to just accept how you are and be happy.

Relating it to sport, some times I find myself wondering why my golfing is so good one day and terrible the next. I’ve realized that I cannot over think things when I play golf or I won’t be successful. My best golfing days are when I simply trust myself and relax. The other day, I discovered that I can achieve this by practicing positive thinking. Saturday afternoon was a beautiful Fall day and I headed to the golf course after a morning of work. At every hole, I stood with my caddy and said, “This is going to be a great swing.” Turns out, it was a great swing each time I said it aloud. In fact, it was one of the best games I have ever played. The very next day, I was having some personal issues and my day started out with feelings of unhappiness and stress. Skipping my warm up and usual routine, I told myself, “This just won’t be a good day.” Turns out, it wasn’t.

Thinking positively can really affect you and it is a simple choice. You can choose to think about how fabulous you will be and how much you have achieved or you can think negatively and really set yourself up for failure. The other day, a client in the gym was carrying on about how unhappy she was about her weight but how she loved to eat. I said to her, “Listen, let’s make a decision. If it makes you that miserable, then do something about it. Otherwise, embrace it and choose to think positively. You can embrace who you are, your body, the foods you like and be happy. You will either automatically lose weight and look even better or, even if you don’t, the simple fact that you feel good about yourself is going to make such a difference in your mindset. So, my thought for all of you this week is, if there is something broken and making you unhappy, change it. Otherwise, don’t over think things. Go out there and be happy, believing in yourself.