I know that I don’t like change, but when I do finally do it, I am very good at it.
I went to two classes this week, both based on what I see as making myself a better person. One of the classes spoke about how we may resist change, but when it happens, we cannot understand why we didn’t make the change sooner.
I have a client who had 5:30am sessions with me. She finally tried a session at 7:00am because she had no other choice. She never wants to come in earlier again. At 71 years old, there’s no need to be up at 5:00am. She can finally see how much better this change is for her.
Try it! If it’s not right. nothing is lost. Today, switch up your workouts. Bike if you always walk, take on a challenging exercise.
Try the change, even working with a different trainer. Ask us about our new trainers and see if they might be a great change for you!

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