Brownings Fitness Triathlon Coach Ruth Payne’s Ironman Experience

I love Ironman!  I love having a specific training focus.  I LOVE that I was able to design my own training plan this year – it helped me understand more about training and periodization which improved my training and my overall experience.  I love training because it takes so much time.  I train mostly by myself, and I use this time to connect spiritually with the universe and with all people.  The training brings structure to my life that helps me to stay focused and healthy.  Through the entire Ironman experience I feel a depth of connection beyond myself that is hard to describe.  Ironman training and competition brings me a joy like nothing else.  It enhances my marital relationship and my relationships with the rest of my family, friends and the universe.

This year I was able to achieve the goals I set for myself after last year’s competition.  I improved my time by over 30 minutes and more specifically, I became a better runner.  Although I suffered from stomach issues in the middle of the run, I was able to get through them much more successfully this year while keeping my form and focus.  Last year I was taught about the benefits of smiling through competition and continued to draw on that inspiration through my training and the event this year.

Ironman confirms my belief that we can do what we once thought was impossible if we have motivation and commitment.  BELIEVING we can succeed, we will.