Black or White

Tonight, I had a text conversation with one of my nutritional clients. It revolved around the fact that she had eaten something that made her feel bad.

At the time I told her she had done great. I said to let it go and move on. Go home, set the table, and make dinner perfect. Don’t even think about what was that made her feel bad.

Later that night, we texted again and she told me how she was a mess. It’s not the word she used, but she said she had no grey area. I explained to her that grey was boring and that black or white was much more fun. However, the goal is when you do white instead of black, you can just let it go and move on.

In life, we will always make mistakes. It’s the way the world works. Being strict and having goals is what you want. It’s what makes one successful, so really try not to be grey.

PS: I only wear black or white. But when you are the one that makes you feel bad and not good, that’s when it’s important to know you have to let it go and move on.

Book a black or white session, and if it was grey day,
then just let it go.

Best Wishes,

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