Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Last weekend, I was at the Mondrian in Los Angeles.  There were all kinds of young and beautiful people around me and it felt different than the last time I was there because now, of course,  I’m a single woman. And of course, like a lot of women going through a divorce, I haven’t always been doing the right things for myself, because I’ve been a little bit distracted, since it’s a difficult time of transition. I haven’t been watching what I eat carefully enough, or getting my proper training in, and I haven’t been sleeping as much as I should.  Before long, this starts to show on your body. So I could have let all the youth and beauty around me really get me down.  After all how was I going to compete with all of those gorgeous twenty-somethingers?

Instead of doubting myself, I decided to change my attitude, and remember what it was that got me where I am today. So instead of moping, I woke up early in the morning, had a proper breakfast, took myself off to Equinox, took a look at all the young and beautiful people working out,  and got right to work giving my Ferrari a good service. I felt great after my work out, so good in fact, that I went to the pool on my own. Next thing I knew lots of people, including a few handsome young men, were coming up to talk to me, telling me that I had incredible energy, and I wound up having a wonderful, fun afternoon and made some new friends in the process!

I certainly wasn’t the youngest, most beautiful woman by the pool, but it isn’t about that.  It’s about my confidence level, my energy, my enthusiasm, my smile, my inner glow. We all have everything we need to attract new people, and a new life that is in line with our own unique gifts.  It just takes getting up, dusting yourself off, and making the effort. It’s this force of will, this energy that really gets you through the hard parts of life. So let’s all be grateful for who and what we are, and remember, no matter how you’re feeling today, tomorrow is another day, and brings the opportunity to pull it together, do the right things for yourself, and be the best that you can be.