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As I am not a real mother, though I at least I feel I am to some, I don’t get caught up in the Mother’s Day events.
What I do know is that it doesn’t seem to be a day that mothers are really deciding how they spend it. Of course, people mean well, but as someone who struggles to say no or yes to what I really want, I find some mothers can actually be more stressed by the day.
We all lead busy lives, but I hope we all learn (myself included) to say what we really want. Either way, any day can and should be Mother’s Day. So, take a day and do as you want, do what makes you happy.
Perhaps, get in a extra workout, followed by a stretch and then a soothing massage. Take care of your body to take care of your mind. Ask us about the specials we are offering, to make your day all about you.


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