Accepting and Moving Forward in a Healthy Way

About a week ago I decided that I was going to strop drinking alcohol. Not an easy task given I really do love my Browning’s Skinny at night, but what a difference I feel, even from just the one drink! Especially in my running sessions.

Now I know logically that having a drink the night before, and eating a light English muffin with cream cheese right before I start a run is really not a smart idea. Obviously we need time to digest the food before a run, but most days I do it anyway. So I decided that instead of my English muffin, I was going to have a GU sport gel instead. That combined with not drinking gave me all the energy I’ve needed and I’ve been having amazing runs with my clients and have felt great!

So yesterday I started the day with a GU and I had a great run. After my run I had my usual two English muffins toasted with low fat cream cheese, but then my appetite was gone and I didn’t want anything again until 2:30pm when I had the crust of a no cheese pizza. I knew I had waited too long to eat and I would pay for it later when I was starving and would want all the bad things I shouldn’t be having.  And I was right. By 4 pm all I wanted was red wine, a Browning’s Skinny and candy. Nothing seemed better and hey, I could start my healthy day tomorrow and just relax for today and let my hair down. Well my hair was down, but so was my energy and motivation to do anything!

But I am happy to report that I was able to pull myself together, I drank four bottles of water by 7 pm and ate a healthy vegetarian dinner and said no to the offers if more alcohol, drank more water and went to bed to get some good rest to start my healthy day tomorrow.

Getting up today I decided that for the trip I’m going on this weekend that I was going to stick with the no alcohol and aim for no sugar as well. Typical of me to make these choices on trip where I will be doing some intense mountain biking and trail running and could probably use the energy from the sugar, but hey, when I deserve to have to work that hard after all the indulging I did yesterday right?

In reality, this probably won’t happen, because when we set such strict guidelines for ourselves, we’re setting up for failure. What I really need to do is say today I am going to get up, eat healthy and workout and be happy that I made it through the day. Which will be balanced simply because I said it would be. Say it. Do it. And it will be so. Don’t do it to punish yourself for what you did yesterday, do it to make yourself feel good about today.