My Wonderful New Publicist

I’ve never been big on the idea of using a publicist to grow my business. I have tried in the past, but after spending some money on it without seeing much in return, I decided that it wasn’t something that worked for my goals at the time. However, recently I’ve realized that to take Brownings Fitness to the next level I need to stop training so many clients and start working on the business instead of in the business. I am beginning to understand that in order to do this I will need some help. In the past, a couple of companies have approached me, but the thought of spending $100,000 up front to become the next “it”, is just not something within my budget.

A month or so back a new client came into the gym who happened to be in the PR business. At the seemingly perfect time, fate brought this person into my life who has been supportive of me in my hopes to grow the business. I started talking to the client and we decided to barter services so that he would train at my gym in order to achieve his goals and, in return, he would help me with promotional work for the business. True to his word, within two weeks he came to me with an organized segment on Fox TV. He asked me for a list of things that I could possibly talk about with ideas like workouts for brides to be or the perfect bikini body. It’s something I love to do so I sent back some of my ideas. He took one of my proposals, “How to banish bloat,” to Fox and they loved it!

The morning prior to my appearance, I was given a little run down of how things were going to go including a list of props that I needed to bring with me. So I stopped at the grocery and bought chicken, asparagus, papaya and all of the things I was going to be showing. I measured out 100g of asparagus to show people what 20 calories looked like and I cooked up some chicken, so people could see the 3oz of protein they should be eating in a meal. I packed everything up that night and went to bed. The next day, I woke up and went to work at 6am. I rushed home to have my make up and hair done, arranged by two of my wonderful clients and by 8am, I was ready to go. I took myself down to Fox on 67th street. I was really excited and looking forward to it but had no idea what to expect. I went in, organized everything on the stage, and did my segment. Based on the feedback I received, it was a great success. I’m grateful that I had spent 8 years in a ballet company performing on stage in front of 800 people and perhaps that is what made it easier for me. I also realized that maybe what really made it easy for me is something one of my client’s said to me. He commented on how some people are narcissistic and look only for fame and glory. I realized that I wasn’t looking for fame and glory for myself. Of course, I need to grow my business and recognition for it would be wonderful but this isn’t what it is all about. After the segment aired, I got instant emails directed from our website. A particularly touching one was from a woman in her 70s who said she had struggled with her weight her entire life and asked how I could help her. She said that watching me made her realize that losing weight looked doable and she had the ability to make some changes in her life. This made me realize that, instead of looking for fame, I want to help people. It’s something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. I want to help people with the struggles I have been through, knowing that it’s an ongoing process but that everything can be achieved. So, what I want to say today to all of you who often doubt yourself, if you really love something and you are passionate about it, you will be good at it no matter what. You will enjoy whatever it is and get the results that you want. This can be applied to your career, marriage, raising children or the struggle that we all share with reaching our goals in healthy eating and fitness. We all can do it, you just have to believe it and love it.